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This is a stand-alone table with virtual cards and chips but with real excitement of a traditional Texas hold'em poker game. The design of our product allows configuration for 6 or 10 players. This product incorporates all cost savings and security features necessary for players' enjoyment. All functions and rules of traditional Texas hold'em poker game are automated with unique technical features that give you control of key elements in the game: adaptable percentage taken for the house, adaptable decision time for players, list of a preset configuration for poker the game... The large 15" touch screen display gives the look and feel of an exciting and real game, royal comfort at the tips of your fingers. Giant central display provides players an over-all view of the whole game. This is an attractive live-action visual experience.

Our system gives you an opportunity to connect and control a number of poker tables in a secure and protected computer network environment. Pay-in and Pay-out problems are eliminated through our smart card system component. The Smart card system component is the most advanced and secure technical environment for players and their enjoyment. Cash flow is completely centralized. The Server applications for our poker table give numerous advantages to Casino operators:
-Quick and easy game analysis
-GSM-SMS detailed financial reports
-Easy connection for a number of tables, up to 255 tables.
-Centralized and easy to control money system
-Safe and secure system for storing financial records


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