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Nostalgy   is a roulette with a detached cylinder
from the player's seats. Number of player's seats
is limited to 100 which is more than enough for
any kind of a casino or an arcade.
The player's seat base consists of a touch screen
and an electronic lock.
Additional options are: bill acceptor, coin acceptor,
hopper, ticket in/ticket out (TITO) or smart
card reader and SAS protocol which enables an
uninturrupted connection to any existing
casino system.
Number of players seats:	up to 20	
Measurements of cilinder: W=120cm,
L=120cm, H=80
Measurements of player seat: W=70cm,
L=85, H=87-97cm
depending on number of players seats:
Electrical power and voltage: 220 V
Max. power consumption: 1500 W
Warranty: 12 month, 24 month