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- Three level security system for roulettes and software
- Roulette software adjusted to show points in money value
- Every playing position has an independent ratio of points and credits
(example: for $100 a player can have 100 points therefore the ratio of points
and credits is 1:1 OR for $100 a player can have 10 points therefore ratio of
points and credits is 10:1)
Our standard roulette offer includes GPRS module
Warranty for EU customers is 24 months from the day the roulette is installed;
for other countries the warranty is 12 months
5 years from purchase we keep your spare parts available in stock.
Upon customers request we can customize the configuration of a roulette:
- Choice of roulette speaking language
- Choice of 5 written languages
- Adjustment of points/credits ratio
- Setting the field limits
- Adjustment of setting off ball speed
- High quality electronics
Comfort playing offers:
- Soft touch playing board
- Touch screen
- Reselected games
- One hand playing
- Good visual sight of the playing table
- Good visual sight over the cylinder
Buying Lucky Line roulettes - you’re investing your money in a superb product
as well as in a long-term business partner who you can rely on.
Our main task is to improve your business activities with our product solutions
and to secure your customers satisfaction.